The following actions are not allowed while playing on our server and may result in a global ban through MCBans or a local ban from Freedragon SMP.

  1. Griefing, destroying items/blocks not owned by the user
  2. Causing harm to the server (including excessive TNT)
  3. Hacking or exploits
  4. X-Ray Modifications (texture packs or otherwise)
  5. Racism, homophobia, sexism, etc.
  6. Nazi symbols

The following actions are also forbidden and may result in a local ban from Freedragon SMP.

  1. Harassment of users or staff
  2. Spamming (global ban if using spambots)
  3. Excessive vulgar language
  4. Any activity that is illegal in the US

Server administrators and moderators may also take the following lesser measures to warn players breaking these rules, as they deem fit.

If you feel you were banned unfairly, you can submit an appeal through the MCBans website. You must have a valid MCBans account to submit an appeal, and you must submit your appeal before 60 days have passed since the ban was issued.