Getting Started


Playing on the Freedragon server requires the installation and use of multiple third-party mods and utilities. Although most Minecraft mods and utilities are safe, some can steal your Minecraft login details or cause other problems. Freedragon and its administration cannot ensure that the mods and utilities linked here are safe, and we are not responsible for what they may do to your Minecraft account or system. Always practice safe browsing habits when online.

Although we try to keep all download links on this page updated for your convenience, we cannot ensure that they are up to date. For the most current download links, please visit our Downloads page.

Installing MultiMC

Before you can play on the Freedragon server, you will need to create a new Minecraft installation and add several mods to it. The server also requires that certain configuration options be set accordingly and content packs be installed. In this guide, we will be using MultiMC to make this process easier.

First, download the correct MultiMC version for your operating system. Once you have downloaded it, extract the archive's contents to somewhere memorable, like a new folder on your desktop. From the new folder, launch the MultiMC program.

Adding Mods to MultiMC

With MultiMC running, click the icon to open the central mods folder. This folder contains all of the mods available for MultiMC to use. Once it is open, download the following required mods to the central mods folder:

It is important that you do not extract these mods. MultiMC will manage any edits to your minecraft.jar that are necessary, but it cannot do anything with a mod that is not in a ZIP archive.

Creating the Instance

Next, you will need to import our MultiMC config pack. Download the Freedragon config pack and import it into MultiMC. To import a config pack into MultiMC, click the arrow next to the New Instance icon and select the "Import config pack" option. Open the Freedragon config pack, go through the import wizard, and name the MultiMC instance. This will create a new Minecraft installation managed by MultiMC. Once it is done creating the instance, double-click the instance to run it, and type in your username and password and click OK.

Connecting to Freedragon

From here, you are ready to connect to the Freedragon server. To connect to the Freedragon server, click on "Multiplayer," click "Add Server," give it the name "Freedragon," and type in "" as the IP. Alternatively, you can click "Direct Connect" and type in "" to connect.

Optional Mods

Freedragon allows for certain optional mods, available from our Downloads page, to be used on our server. You can install these mods through MultiMC's Edit Mods window. A complete list of optional mods allowed on our server can be found on our Downloads page.