Freedragon is a feature-rich Bukkit-powered server that focuses on and enhances the social aspects of Minecraft SMP.


Discover the Nexus, a strange world of massive stargate portals linking all of the worlds together in Freedragon. Explore and mine in one of our mining worlds, or fight for survival in one of our Nether worlds. The Nexus is ever-growing to accomodate new features and environments in Minecraft, and our list of worlds is always expanding.


Freedragon makes extensive use of the Towny plugin. Players can settle down in a town or be part of a mighty nation, and they have several Towny-enabled worlds to choose from. Freedragon's Towny worlds range from Garnet, a PVP-enabled world, to Amber, a world found in the Nether. Nation capitals can even have their own stargate portal to the Nexus!


Money makes the world go around, and Freedragon is no different. Find your inner capitalist with our player-run shops powered by CommandShops! CommandShops doesn't make you throw your valuables in a chest and put a sign on them to sell your goods. It's a full-featured region-based shop plugin that lets you build a shop like any other building. You can even ask an admin to set up a shopkeeper NPC in your shop for added realism.


Freedragon occasionally hosts official server events and construction projects. Beryl and the Nexus were created as part of some of these events, and the server admins always offer great rewards for participating. You can even receive the Helper or Volunteer rank for your participation in our official construction projects!


We offer forums to our players so they can chat about their constructions or advertise their towns and nations. We also provide a wiki that contains helpful tutorials and information on everything in Freedragon.