Core Requirements

Required Mods

You must have all of these mods installed to play on the server. Minecraft Forge requires the version listed below, or any newer version compatible with the same Minecraft version. All other mods require versions that exactly match those listed here.

Optional Mods

These mods are officially approved for players to use on the server. Unless noted, you may use any version of these mods compatible with the correct Minecraft version. Other mods not listed here may be approved on a case-by-case basis by Tathar or another server op.

Texture Packs

You may use any texture pack of your choice on the server, except for x-ray packs. The texture packs below are known to be compatible with a majority of the mod features commonly used on the server.

Custom NPCs Content Packs

The server makes heavy use of Custom NPCs content packs to create an atmospheric and enjoyable experience. To take advantage of these server features, you can install these content packs to your Minecraft client. Music packs listed below also contain an attribution.txt to comply with their songs' Creative Commons licenses.

Installation note: As of MC 1.6.2, content packs for the Custom NPCs mod use the resource pack system. Until we update to MC 1.7, you will need to merge their contents with your preferred texture pack to take advantage of their extra content.

Music Packs

Legacy Content Packs

The packs listed below are legacy packs for versions of Custom NPCs prior to MC 1.6.2. They are preserved temporarily while their contents are being converted to the new system.

Serverside Mods and Plugins

This server uses a number of serverside mods and Bukkit plugins, which add a number of features to the server without requiring you to download anything. Links and version numbers are not included for security reasons.